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Best Faux Fur Bean Bags For Boys

If you are looking for a bean bag that is a little bit different for your boys then take a look at these.

Below we have listed our top 5 faux fur bean bags for boys based on customer reviews and product ratings, if you decide to buy one of these you are sure to like it.

Huge black faux fur bean bag

Huge black faux fur bean bagThis is the biggest bean bag that you can buy made from faux fur, just look at it, it is absolutely massive.

If you are thinking of buying this one then I suggest you read the expert review on, these guys know what they are talking about when it comes to bean bags.

This rather cool faux fur bean bag is great for gaming on, every kid would love to have one in their bedroom and because they are so stylish you won't mind them bringing it the front room.

Not only do you get the cover included in the price you get the bean filling too, when you sit on it you will find it very hard to get back up again, they are just so comfy.

Price: £64.99. Read the review on this bean bag made from luxury faux fur.

Cheap bean bag made from purple faux fur

Purple faux fur bean bagThis rather funky faux fur bean bag is bright purple and is sure to add a splash of colour to any dull boring room.

This bean bag is just so handy to have around the house, kids love jumping onto them from the sofa.

I can guarantee you now that it will get used every day so you are sure to think that it is money well spent, they are really well made too.

This bag is so cheap to buy and even comes with free uk delivery, you can't ask for much more than that.

When the kids have finished playing with it and gone to bed you can sink your feet into the luxury faux fur, all the family will use it including your pets.

Price: £6.99. More pictures and customer reviews

Luxury bean bag made from cream faux fur

Luxury cream faux fur bean bagThis bean bag is made from luxury cream faux fur fabric that is lovely and soft to touch, you will find it hard not to fall asleep on one of these.

The bag measures 64 x 70cm and comes ready filled with bean ready to jump on.

These are the perfect size for kids to use, they are unfortunately a bit too small for adults to sit on comfortably although they make great foot rests.

Every little boy should have their very own special place to sit in the house and buying them one of these will give them that place, provides a great place to chill out and relax.

Customers state that these are top quality and are really well made, it is unique and is sure to get loads of comments on how good it looks and how comfy it is, definitely worth the money.

Price: £39.99. Read the reviews on this faux fur bean bag

Boys faux fur bean bag

Boys faux fur bean bagThis faux fur bean bag is perfect for boys aged 2 to 12 years old, teenagers would prefer the larger one listed above.

This bean bag measures 64 x 70cm and as you can see looks very stylish indeed.

Just like the others the bag comes filled with bean ready to use and is really very well made.

When you sit on the bag you get surrounded by lovely soft faux fur which keeps you snug and warm, great for use during the winter months.

If your little boy has a Nintendo DS console then they will like nothing better then snuggling into this bean bag after school and playing their favourite games, it's sure to keep them entertained for a few hours.

Price: £39.99. More pictures and customer reviews

Large bean bag made from grey faux fur

Large grey faux fur bean bagThis is another adult size bean bag made from faux fur, I would prefer to buy my kids one of these so that I can use it too, it's makes more sense to get something that all the family can use.

As well as the cover for the bag you also get the bean filling included in the price, this one comes with free uk delivery.

You will not find these for sale anywhere on the high street, these are exclusive to the net, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

This one measures 84 x 86cm and is made and sold by the top bean bag manufacturer BeanBagBazaar.

Just to give you an idea of just how big this bag is it requires 7.5 cubic feet of bean to fill it to the top, even large adults can get comfy on these.

Price: £64.99. View more pictures of this faux fur bean bag

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Deal of the Week

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster Nerf N-Strike Strongarm Blaster
is a very popular toy for boys and is very cheap and even comes with free UK delivery. The ultimate boys toy, fires darts 75 feet.
Learn more

Bestselling Boys Toys

Lego deluxe brick box 1. Lego deluxe brick box
Includes a whopping 704 Lego pieces and is suitable for boys aged 4 and above. Build cars, boats, houses and more.
Lego city coast guard patrol boat 2. Lego city coast guard patrol boat
Includes 6 minifugures, submarine, helicopter, dinghy, lighthouse and rock with three sharks.
Syma indoor helicopter 3. Syma indoor helicopter
Miniature size light weight helicopter that is so easy to control. Your boys are going to love playing with this toy.
VTech innotab s3 4. VTech InnoTab 3S
The best Multi-media touch screen tablet for boys with secure WIFI. Comes with loads of games and a fun art studio, hours of fun.
Robo fish and tank play set 5. Robo fish and tank play set
Includes single robo fish toy and tank, just drop the fish in the water and watch him go just like a real fish in water.
Monopoly empire 6. Monopoly empire
A great twist on the old classic monopoly game, build up your empire by filling your tower with branded billboards.
Furby boom triangles 7. Furby boom triangles
Teach your very own Furby boom to speak English and shape its personality by playing fun games with it.
Hot wires electronics kit 8. Hot wires electronics kit
Snap together electronics kit with over 100 exciting experiments to try out, very easy to use. Hours of electronic fun to be had.
Premium mario wii u console 9. Premium mario wii u console
Get the Mario and Luigi 32gb premium pack including black wii u console and Super Mario Bros U game and Super Luigi game.
Hexbug nano v2 helix 180

10. Hexbug nano V2 helix 180
The new breed of Hexbugs can now climb vertically, horizontally, around courners, through loops and tubes, hours of fun ahead.


Bestselling Boys Games

Monopoly Board Game 1. Monopoly Board Game
Every boy over the age of 5 should have this board game, move around the board buying and selling property. Great way to teach kids about money.
Shopping List Game 2. Shopping List Game
This is the best selling memory game, helps improve your little boys memory skills. Suitable for ages 3 - 7.
Scrabble Board Game 3. Scrabble Board Game
The classic word game that will help improve your little boys vocabulary. This is one popular board game that will be loved by all the family.
Rory's Story Cubes 4. Rory's Story Cubes
Bring your childs imagination to life with this pocket sized creative story generator. Encourage your boys language and imagination development.
Bananagrams Game 5. Bananagrams Game
Perfect gift to help your boys improve their word and spelling skills. The word game that doesn't need a board, pencil or paper.
Uno Card Game 6. Uno Card Game
Easy to play fast paced card game, makes a great stocking filler or extra birthday present for any little boy.
Tomy Pop Up Pirate 7. Tomy Pop Up Pirate
Great fun pirate game for boys of all ages that doesn't require batteries. This game has been popular for a long time and still is.
Pass The Pigs 8. Pass The Pigs
One of the best dice games ever, your boys will love playing this one. Easy to play, just throw the pigs and earn points on how they fall.
Waddingtons Playing Cards 9. Waddingtons Playing Cards
Pack of traditional playing cards to play all your favourite card games with. Your boys will have hours of fun learning new card games and of course playing snap.
Rummikub Game 10. Rummikub Game
This game is easy to play and will be loads of fun for all the family, recommended for ages 7 and above. Have your boys learn their numbers like never before.

Bestselling Art & Craft Toys

Black & White Googly Eyes 1. Black & White Googly Eyes
100 black and white googly eyes for your boys to get creative with, the eyes come in assorted sizes and are not suitable for children under 36 months.
Play-Doh Candy Cyclone 2. Play-Doh Candy Cyclone
Get your boys imagination going full steam and make pretend gumballs and other sweets. For ages 3 years and up.
Crayola Supertips 3. Crayola Supertips
Pack of 24 washable markers, great to have in the house for your boys to do their school homework with. For ages 4 and above.
Watercolour Paint Set 4. Watercolour Paint Set
12 block of watercolour paints, perfect for your little boys to have a go at painting at home. Perfect to use indoors and outdoors.
Crayola Washable Kids Paints 5. Crayola Washable Kids Paints
Six pots of washable kids paints that will help to teach your kids to recognise colours and to mix up secondary colours.
Tomy Drawing Toy 6. Tomy Drawing Toy
Let your little boys draw and paint with no fuss and no mess. The matt can be used over and over again and when the pictures fade the matt can be used again.
Tomy Megasketcher 7. Tomy Megasketcher
The magic megasketcher pen draws crisp and clear magnetic pictures, drawing without mess to clear away for your little boys.
World War 2 Flying Gliders 8. World War 2 Flying Gliders
This is a great stocking filler or extra birthday present that can keep boys occupied for hours building their own gliders. 12 in a pack.
John Adams Supergrafix 9. John Adama Supergrafix
All in one drawing station that will help your little boys draw out their imagination. Folds easliy and is lightweight and portable.
T-Shirt Graffiti Pens 10. T-Shirt Grafiti Pens
Buy your little boy a plain t-shirt and get these pens and let them design their own t-shirt. Hours of fun for your little boys and they get to wear the results.

Top Ride On Toys

Audi TT Ride On Toy Car 1. Audi TT Ride On Toy Car
Super cool black electronic Audi TT ride on car that every boy would love to have. Get this for your little boy and he will be the envy of all his friends.
Ride On Harley Bike 2. Ride On Harley Bike
6v ride on Harley Davison style bike that any boy would love to have for their Birthday or Christmas present.
Rocket Electric Motorcycle 3. Rocket Electric Motorcycle
Race inspired motorcycle that any little boy would love to have. The bike has a chain driven motor and can go up to 15mph.
4x4 Ride On Jeep 4. 4x4 Ride On Jeep
Two speed forward and reverse red ride on jeep, come with chunky wheels, wing mirrors, working lights, horn, indicators, the lot.
Little Tikes Ride On Car 5. Little Tikes Ride On Car
This is the very popular and highly rated Little Tikes ride on car that every little boy is sure to love, comes with free UK delivery too.

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